October 8, 2013

Must see video - In Vogue; The Editor's Eye

fashion update

In Vogue - The Editor's Eye, a must see documentary for all fashionistas.
To celebrate the 120th anniversary in 2012 of 'Vogue' magazine, the documentary tells the stories told through the eyes of its most iconic editors, the film explores the cultural impact of 'Vogue' over a century of changing trends in fashion, photography and feminism. Interviews include current editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, and others.

"The people who are responsible for the fashion images are the fashion editors," says Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue. "They have always been our secret weapon, so it seemed to me that we could celebrate Vogue, and also, at the same time, celebrate these great editors."

Enjoy the video!

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