February 23, 2013

Designer Stop: Leandro Cano

fashion update 
Winner of the 2012 DFT awards (Designer for Tomorrow), Leandro Cano is a talent to be recognized without a doubt. His outstanding, surrealistic and detailed designs left everyone inspired and amazed, especially the likings of the great Marc Jacobs who sponsors the DFT awards.  
His very first solo collection shown on the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Berlin weeks ago, called 'ANIMA'  is a symbol of opulence, melancholy and romanticism.  

“White souls are riding all over my thoughts. I, Azrael, the last radiant angel, brilliant white, offer them my hand to help them cross the White Gate to the brightest, heavenly kingdom of peace and melancholy; I offer them my white and soft hand – the one that will take them to Eternity.” (Leandro Cano) source DFT website

February 8, 2013

H.O.F.F.Design on Etsy

fashion update

Recently I opened my very first Etsy shop, where I sell my handmade crystal earrings. I have always been inspired by things that sparkle and Swarovski crystals are the perfect example of this. I decided to make my own earrings one day and when my friends noticed their interest, I thought why not make more. So here is the result. I will continue to make new earrings and list them in the shop. For more information you can send me a message or email at hoffdesign1980@gmail.com
Enjoy shopping!

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